Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Vanessa Pudgens Yoga Pants of the Day

If youre a chick and youre wondering how Vanessa Hudgens intends on losing her new found fatness, its through yoga.

If youre a dude, yoga means one of two things flexibility/ the ability for a bitch to eat out her own pussy and yoga pants tha make watching a bitch try to eat out her own pussy heavily erotic, not that Ive ever gone to a yoga class, Im more into just watching sweaty girls leaving, all tight assed and able bodied.

Not that Hudgens on her quest to be a dumpy lesbian is either of those things, but I like to document her progress on that because Im pathetic and have nothing better to do.

I dont get why the paparazzi didnt get any ass shotscuz fat chick or not, Ill always stare at an ass squeezed into yoga pants..