Nancy Shevell is Paul McCartneys New 2-Legged Vagina that Will Steal his Fortune Even Though Shes Rich of the Day

If your wondering why Nancy Shevell, Paul McCartneys latest wife is so happy.It is because she just won the fucking lottery. Im sure that before making this move she both heard of him, and more importantly heard of the one legged bitch who cashed in.not to mention statistics are in her favor, as this fucker hits 70.making her Anna Nicole Smith with more wholesome a look, and the good news for her is that McCartneys daughter already made her own fortune, so shell be in the clear when it comes to collecting.

I know, everyone talks about how her family are rich on their own, and that shes the heir to some trucking company and that she doesnt need the money and this is more of a status thing for her and her trucker trash family that made it, but Im not convinced the money isnt a factor in all thisand even if it is for statusshes still using him for something, thats just the foundation of all relationships, its just funnier to laugh at when its more obvious

Here are the lovely, honest, beautiful, authentic wedding pics, because if youre like me, you like masturbating to brides as soon as they lock down a husband cuz I know they are still whores. Marriage is such a beautiful thing.


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