Elisabetta Canalis Shows Off Her Ripped Body of the Day

I was never a big fan of this Elisabetta Canaalis prostitute. To me she always looked a little hard and manly, the kind of bitch youd expect a guy you just assumed was gay all these years to date, because if anything shed make for a good front provided you did have to fuck her, or maybe the guy you think is gay doesnt know that he is gay, making for a whole other bag of issues I dont really care about, cuz hes moved onto a pro wrestler, and this bitch has moved onto Dancing with the Stars to hold onto that media attention her vagina finally got her after trying so hard, filling it with powerful men over and over again slowly progressing until hitting Italy obsessed Hollywood cock, I have a feeling she hunted down and captured so that she could live the fucking dream.and if DWTS is the dream, then here are the ABS to go with it.abs so hard no woman should ever have them but I do think her shirt should become a trend in high school gym uniforms everywhere


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