Naked Athletes for ESPN Bodies of the Day

ESPN The Body takes on SIs Swimsuit issue by hiring actual sports bitches, Im talking real life jock bitches to get completely naked and strategically hide their genitals behind their muscles, without realizing that as far as Im concerned, they never had genitals in the first place, cuz with all that weight lifting comes enlarged clits, higher testosterone and sex appeal youd think borderline gays would dick instead of hiring extremely busty, hot, feminine girls to get in skimpy fucking bikinis, in tropical places, that men have been masturbating to for clost to 40 years.makes sense.

Here are the athletes, the cover/top picture is Hope Solo.Soccer player.

Here are the rest.

Alicia Sacramone..The Gymnast

Belen Mozo..The Golfer.

Gretchen Bleiler..The Snowboarder.

Kelly Kulick..Bowler

Stephanie Gilmore.Surfer.


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