Miranda Kerrs Long Mom Legs of the Day

Im only posting these pictures of Miranda Kerr because shes got great legs after bouncing back from her pregnancy in a good way, unlike countless women before her who dont get paid millions to be half naked, but who instead gave up their careers and independence to be in this prison sentence called marriage and family, and the only defense they have is to make themselves as unattractive as possible for their husbands, so that they dont try to fuck them and knock them up again to start that horrible cycle all over again..I mean revenge has gotta be why once hot chicks who get married and have kids end up thick.I mean that or laziness and a valid excuse for the shit.

Im also posting these pics to remind you that the busty, implant looking tits you see of hers in catalog, dont actually exist, it is all false marketing, padding, and millions of dollars of engineering to make happen, not to that thats a bad thing, shes hot, it just is shitty when you get surprised after bringing a bitch pulling the same stunts home, but you likely dont have to worry about that.so Ill just post the pics


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