Alessandra Ambrosios Bikini Surfing of the Day

Ambrosio is in Hawaii and shes rocking a PINK BIKINI but Im not allowed to post the pics.but I can link themI dont know if it is diabetes, sleep apnea, a hangover, or just a mild stroke, but today has been filled with great stories, great jokes, great ideas, but I keep forgetting them and end up in a cold sweatIts fuckedbut in all that confusion, cloudy vision, dizziness and frustration, I will say, braindead, half retarded, useless or not.Ambrosio isa hot bikini model and mom or notunscathed vagina or not.perfect body or not.not 19 anymore or notI still love seeing her do the whole bikini thingeven if Miranda Kerr was the bitch Victorias Secret chose to wear the billion dollar bra in their fashion show
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Hayden Panettieres Never Forgotten of the DAy

Its been a minute since weve seen Hayden Panettiere.but I guess Halloween is just around the corner and the midget trolls start clibing out of their treehouses to travel the countryside bringing candy to all the little girls and boys..I have no idea what Im saying, Im still getting over the fact that Ive used the experessiong its been a minute.and as I laugh to myselfwhile looking at these Hayden pics, remain uninspiredbecause shes not jailbait anymoreshes not dating a 8 foot tall guy with a 9 inch cock for her little dwarf hands and vagina.shes not even showing of her little broad shoulder tough guy body.shes not faking a pregnancy, shes not bloated like Aguilera.shesjust making an appearance and thats fucking dullbut its Hayden Panettierea fetish from yesteryearstill working it as best she can, which isnt good at all..

stepNEWS of the Day

Heres some amazing news.not quite as good news as when you find out your website is being nominated for an Academy award, or giving you a movie deal, or a book deal that will propel you to huge success after years of nonsense..and not as amazing as the news that your wife has finally left you after years and years and years of unhappiness.but its almost as good.Woman Upset After Student Massage
A Georgia woman was left horrified after a massage at a massage school left her feeling violated. 70-Year-Old Florida Bus Aide Fights 14-Year-Old Student and WinsWoman Arrested for Flashing Ex-Husband
A Pennsylvania woman thought it was a great idea to drive past her ex-husband, flash the entire neighborhood, including kids, and drive the wrong way on a road.

Rachel Taylor and Minka Kelly Kiss on Set of Charlies Angels of the Da

I cant figure out how I missed these pictures of Minka Kelly and Rachel Taylor kissing on set, unless they werent taken last week when I posted the pics of them in the same outfits, before ripping into the lack of creativity in Hollywood, and the fact that shows like this exist make me realize why the internet is so successful, cuz audiences get smarter, yet they still pump out the same fucking smut over and over again, 30 years later.Im thinking they went back on set, in the same costumes and figured they needed to add some lesbianism, like college girls looking for male attention, since thats just what bottom feeding, laziness, in a Look at Me, Look at Mehoping for ratings hustle is.So obvious, even annoying, but I gotta post it anyway

Taylor Momsen in Concert of the Day

Now that shes 18, no one gives a fuck about her erotic performances. I saw that shit coming a mile away, cuz no one ever cares about these sluts being slutty when they turn 18 and if she was really a slut, she wouldnt be wearing panties in concert, shed be labia out and ready to party, but instead it is all a bullshit lie, an act that I hope backfires cuz when things backfire, good things sex tapesbut for now, she thinks shes living the dream by imitating 70s rocker cuz shes been in Hollywood all her life and has no identityHere are some of her concert videos.from the Paladium October 11.if you like seeing her in motion

Marion Cotillard Topless Scene of the Day

I dont know who Marion Cotillard is because Im ignorant, but I can tell I like her body of work at least this addition to her body of worknot so much cuz of the bodybut because getting to see tit, even if tits arent that big of a deal, It is safe to say she mades the right choice geting in this moviebut for her and her big nipples, I doubt it was actually a choiceshe probably didnt even realize she was topless cuz french bitches, whether they have won Oscars or not, have no problem getting naked. It is part of their culture along with having anal the first night they meet you. They just like having a good time and thats far more fun than bitches like Scarjo who get dudes arrested and locked up for 121 years for leaking her nude picsas long as you dont have issues with digging your way thru bush, something I love cuz theres far too many bikini waxes going on for my likingHere are the pics from set.

Olivia Munn Bikini Pics on Set of the Day

I hate Oliva Munn. I hate that shes getting work in movies. I hate that her scam in seducing virgin losers worked because virgin losers are loyal even to bitches who dont actually care about their lame interests but pretend to in order to advance their careers is workinginstead of doing nudity.but shes in a bikini topso at least shes getting the level of work she deservesideally exploiting her for her moderate sex appeal and I think what it really comes down to is that who really cares what I think anywayjust look at the pics and hope net time theres more fitness and more importantly more labia involved