Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hayden Panettieres Never Forgotten of the DAy

Its been a minute since weve seen Hayden Panettiere.but I guess Halloween is just around the corner and the midget trolls start clibing out of their treehouses to travel the countryside bringing candy to all the little girls and boys..

I have no idea what Im saying, Im still getting over the fact that Ive used the experessiong its been a minute.and as I laugh to myselfwhile looking at these Hayden pics, remain uninspiredbecause shes not jailbait anymoreshes not dating a 8 foot tall guy with a 9 inch cock for her little dwarf hands and vagina.shes not even showing of her little broad shoulder tough guy body.shes not faking a pregnancy, shes not bloated like Aguilera.shesjust making an appearance and thats fucking dullbut its Hayden Panettierea fetish from yesteryearstill working it as best she can, which isnt good at all..