Ashton Kutchers Alleged Mistress Topless Pics of the Day

Theres all kinds of bullshit gossip going on about Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore splitting upwhich would make sense because Demi Moore is a old, zombie looking plastic bitch, who no one in their early 30s should be locked down to, but instead who they just fuck every once in a while, cuz menopause is fun when youre drunk.

Now Im not one to care for celeb gossip, especially when it comes to Ashton Kutcher, so I havent paid attention to the bitch who is going public that she fucked him cuz she likes the much shes leaking topless pics to the media through paparazzi agencies cuz it is all part of a master moneymaking schemecuz celebrity trash is what the world aspires to the trashy pile of money people really shouldnt give a fuck about

Her name is Sara Leal and as long as shes leaking nude pics, sex tapes, in her quest to turn her 15 minutes of being a groupie into 15 minutes of fame, into something lasting and meaningful, cuz thats just the kind of sluts groupies are

Who cares.

To See The Rest of the Pics of Her.


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