Rihanna Sexiest Woman Alive 2011 Naked in Esquire of the Day

Esquire chose Rihanna as their Sexiest Woman ALive 2011..what? I know

I have a pretty good feeling this sexiest woman alive shit is paid forI mean I can think of at least a dozen bitches sexier than Rihannawhat brings her thickness to the top of the listthere is no way that this was objectively chosen.maybe she used her teen prostitute talents a Bajan guy told me he knows for a fact that she hasor maybe everyone else was busyand seriously I get Rihanna, I see the way she gyrates on stage and Im victim to her spell too.but Id leave it at one of the woman Id like to fuck in 2011.because we dont need to be inflating egos here unnescessarily.cuz its obviously not fact and merely just a way to sell records and magazinesbut stillI cant figure out the basis for this at allinstead Ill just look at the picsand pretend shes the hottest bitcheven though I know she should be working porn in America, not topping chartssome vooddoo shit happened and I will figure it out one day.its my life goal..

The sexiest woman alive, whoever you are, was robbed.


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