Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Top Fetish Videos on Youtube of the Day

I am an idiot and I want to prove that youtube is a porn site because Ive been rejected so much by advertisers over the years cuz I link to porn, leaving me in some no mans land of the internet, unable to accomplish anything, while Youtbe looks to be wholesome, but instead makes billions of dollars off weird fetish videos

TOdays fetish is sleeping girls.and guys have jerked off to these.

Sleeping Girl in Pantyhose getting Feet TickledRight

More Sleeping Girls and their Feet in Nylons

Sleeping Girls Compilation.

Wild Girls Sleeping Together

Sleeping Girlfriend Gets Her Socks Removed

Limp Fetish

Sleeping Toe Suck

Sleeping Girl Gets Man Handled

Open Mouthed and Sleeping

Some Sleepy Molestation

Girl Sleepign in Public.

Girl Sleeping in Mismatched Socks