Top Catfighting Fetish Videos on Youtube of the Day

I do this Youtube Fetish video series, where I pull the weird shit I know people jerk off to using youtube, to remind the people that Google makes money off masturbation, like a porn site, even though they pretend to be all Christian friendly.Like they are Kim Kardashian, a pornstar who everyone has forgot is a pornstar cuz she diverts attention.

So here are some girl fight videos, Im sure I only just scratched the surface, and shit gets specific, to the point where you can probably find girls in specific underwear or shoes or costumes fighting, so think of this post as a gateway to so much weirdness

Some Fake Catfighting Fight

Some Bare As Cat Fighting

Some Outdoor Catfighting

Fake Tit Offic Catfight

Another Cat Fight Party

Some Bigger Chick Winning the Panty Catfight

Bubble Gum Girl Fight

The Token Young Girls VIdeo

Beach THong Catfight

Classic Girl Wrestle

Cheerleader fetish meets Catfight Fetish

One More Cheerleader fetish meets Catfight Fetish

Some Vintage Catfight Videos Cuz this fetish is timeless


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