Christina Aguileras Offensive Pig at the Michael Jackson Tribute Outfit of the Day

I guess she didnt realize he liked farm animals to seduce little boys not farm animals.Here are some pictures of Christina Aguilera on stage for some Michael Jackson tribute and it looks like shes about to take a shit, I guess cuz when youre this fat, and squeezed into such a tight harness, one piece bikini / leotard that should be saved for the skinny chicks, your bowel movements gonna pass faster than your slow metabolism is used toin a squeezing the shi out of her at such a horrible time, making her qustion both eating all that food at the spread, and wearing something fat chicks should never wearand the funny thing is, youd still fuck herdumpy bitch all ready to eat even though she looks like shed be the star of todays STUFFING VIDEOS cuz thats clearly her fetishhow else could this be explained.laziness, pregnancy, depression, bad genetics, eating disorder, who cares its gross anyway you look at it especially dressed like this.and well leave it at thatbusting at the seams.

Heres the video


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