Pippa Middletons Ass in a Tight Dress on a Rough Morning of the Day

Its comingI feel it coming.I know its coming.

If you read this site, I assume you dont, cuz no one does and my traffic is on consistently on the drop because lets face it i hate celebs and the only people who read this shit like celebs.leaving me in no mans land of the internet.

But if you read this site, then youll know Im waiting for the timebomb in Pippas pants to go off when she realizes that she can get everyones attention too, she just has to act shocking and humiliating to the family, while be amazing to everyone else.and shes starting to give us glimpsese of the goodness by looking like shes been up all night getting fucked before running to work for her parents in a skimpy ass hugging dress.which is the gateway o her letting us watch her fuck

Its coming. I feel it.


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