Jodie Marsh, Bodybuilder of the Day

Jodie Marsh was some UK Glamor Model no one really cared about, except maybe to stare at her tits, or her pictures in shitty magazines while they took shits, who I guess was touched or raped as a child, because thats why she developed some kind of feeling of inadequacy that led her into this quest to get approval through modeling half naked.a feeling of inadequacy or insecureity that got worse when she was being teased for being a little sloppy and a little pudge , so she took it upon herself to make a fucking change and that change was to go overboard at the gym and find happiness in morphing into a fucking genderless, testosterone filled, girl who was likely raped as a child, instead of a sex object and the whole thing is as weird as it is disgusting. Enjoy.

So now she doesnt just HANG WITH MONSTERS IN HER PANTIES , she is the fucking monster and shes winning awards for the weird as she is, this is probably her biggest accomplishiment..


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