Alessandra Ambrosios Bikini Surfing of the Day

Ambrosio is in Hawaii and shes rocking a PINK BIKINI but Im not allowed to post the pics.but I can link them

I dont know if it is diabetes, sleep apnea, a hangover, or just a mild stroke, but today has been filled with great stories, great jokes, great ideas, but I keep forgetting them and end up in a cold sweatIts fuckedbut in all that confusion, cloudy vision, dizziness and frustration, I will say, braindead, half retarded, useless or not.Ambrosio isa hot bikini model and mom or notunscathed vagina or not.perfect body or not.not 19 anymore or notI still love seeing her do the whole bikini thingeven if Miranda Kerr was the bitch Victorias Secret chose to wear the billion dollar bra in their fashion show

To See The Rest of the Pics


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