Marion Cotillard Topless Scene of the Day

I dont know who Marion Cotillard is because Im ignorant, but I can tell I like her body of work at least this addition to her body of worknot so much cuz of the bodybut because getting to see tit, even if tits arent that big of a deal,

It is safe to say she mades the right choice geting in this moviebut for her and her big nipples, I doubt it was actually a choiceshe probably didnt even realize she was topless cuz french bitches, whether they have won Oscars or not, have no problem getting naked. It is part of their culture along with having anal the first night they meet you. They just like having a good time and thats far more fun than bitches like Scarjo who get dudes arrested and locked up for 121 years for leaking her nude picsas long as you dont have issues with digging your way thru bush, something I love cuz theres far too many bikini waxes going on for my liking

Here are the pics from set.


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