Shakira Rockin Rio in Tight Pantsof the Day

Shakira is fucking annoying. Shes so intense in her performances that I cant imagine her being legit, or I dont want her to be legit and actual behave like this, because that shit just scares me and Id hate to experience her convulsing and experimental, possessed by a demon behavior anywhere but on stage, because Ive crossed the street, left bars and public bathrooms, over people who have moved and acted as unstable as like this in everyday life

I am convinced shes just trying to make people think shes an artist, and really with a body like that, she can move and shake all she fucking wants, cuz lookin at it is worth the weirdness. Theres a reason shes number one in youtube for ass shaking.

Here she is performing Friday at the Rock in Rio music experience.

Heres a Whole Lot of Pics of her In Concert..With Some Ass Shots


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