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Miley Cyrus Hard Nipple on Twitter of the Day

Miley posting pictures of her nipple on twitter is far more interesting than some Jonathan Rhyn Meyers rich, spoiled, annoying, privileged actor who has work in a show called the Tudors attempting suicide.the whole attempting suicide shit doesnt work for meits like either you do it or notits not one of things you try, or test the waters on, unless of course it is one huge cry for attention for your cunt, spoiled, insecure. tormented, rich, gets all the pussy he wants, feeling sorry for himself assThats why Im posting these pictures of Miley cuz shes doing the exact opposite of suicide, shes reviving her lovely career as young pussy we all want to fucknot letting herself be forgotten just cuz she had an 18th birthday last year.she keeps going on.and here is her nipplehard on twitter

Lindsay Lohan is Free of the Day

Lindsay Lohan was officially taken off house arrest where she made some statement that she was going to go do her community service and come back home early to read a book, because shes become accustomed to the laid back, chronic masturbating to the point of smelly callused fingers, and more importantly keeping drinking and drugs very localwithin a few steps from her bedwhere she can go chronic masturbate some moreI mean shit, if you were locked in your house for a month, its safe to assume thered be a river of your virgin loser semen pouring down the front stepsand Lohans no differentBut instead of her plan she made a point of telling the media, she went out and got wasted with Emile Hirsch, cuz guess what, Lohan is full of fucking shit, and if you havent caught onto that yet, its probably cuz youre not paying attention and that makes you far more of a man than mecuz this celebrity shit is just thatshit.Here are some pics of her freedom before the hard drinking.Here are the pics of h…

Celebrity Nude Birthdays: June 28th - July 4th

Sabrina FerilliBorn:
06/28/1964 (47) nudity facts: she was last seen naked 2 years ago at the age of 45. Nude pictures are from Chi magazine (2009). her first nude pictures are from a movie Americano rosso (1991) when she was 26 years old. Alice KrigeBorn:
06/28/1954 (57) nudity facts: she was last seen naked 5 years ago at the age of 51. Nude pictures are from movie Lonely Hearts (2006). her first nude pictures are from a movie Ghost Story (1981) when she was 27 years old. Amanda DonohoeBorn:
06/29/1962 (49) nudity facts: she was last seen naked 18 years ago at the age of 30. Nude pictures are from Playboy (1993). her first nude pictures are from a movie Foreign Body (1986) when she was 24 years old. Addison TimlinBorn:
06/29/1991 (20) nudity facts: the only nude pictures that we know of are from a TV Show Californication (2011) when she was 19 years old. Lizzy CaplanBorn:
06/30/1982 (28)nudity facts:she was last seen naked 2 years ago at the age of 26. Nude pictures are f…

Kirsten Dunst Old School Vagina Flash of the Day

GUESS THE VAGINA!!!I dont know when this picture is from, but its pretty much concluded a day filled with vagina on this site.From Webcam Stars Unicorn of Perfection Pussy.>TO Amber Roses Hip Hop Whore Using Two Fingers to Make Her Pussy Look Skinny and Tight Pussy.To these Kirsten Dunst I dont know what the fuck this haggard crack whore looking disaster is hiding in her underwear pic.I dont know when it is from, but I know I am happy a fucking celebrity bitch finally pulled this move againits been too long since the last getting out of a car panty/pussy flashCeleb sluts are all over itso its a nice throwback to what we once hadCuz some of us have a hard time moving onTo See the Rest of the Pic
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Uncensored Amber Rose Pics of the Day

Here are the uncensored Amber Rose vagina pictures. I posted the shitty censored ones yesterday I expected her hip hop whore pussy to be way more mangledIm almost disappointed that its notbut then again who is Amber Rose again? Theres no difference than looking at any chick naked.shes not a celebritythis is stagedintentional.a cry for attentionTwo fingers? I took her for more of a double fister.

Michelle Hunziker Great Ass in a Bikini of the Day

I dont even know who Michelle Hunziker isbut shes got a great ass and shes in a skimpy bikini and sometimes, usually all the time, thats all you really need to know about a makes her more appealing than when you have to listen to her talk, or to her ideas, or her opinions, or even when you scratch the surface of her personality and find her unbearablethats why Im all about focusing on the surface for the sanity of allAmazing fuckin ass.just a lovely you can really appreciate.looking at her assTo See Her New Bikini Pics Cuz I Dont Have The Rights To Post Them
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Hilary Duffs Awkward Sex Life of the Day

When your husband is gay, this is what happenshe makes you practice ballet, or gymnastics or whatever the fuck this non-fucking shit is.cuz hockey was something that just worked out for his billionaire heir self, his real passion was in spandex pants.See Im not sure if Hilary Duffs husband is gay, I just like to assume he is, cuz the idea of her being passed around the locker room to bring up team spirit, also lifts my spiritsand I just like to assume all athletes are gaycuz of the amount of time they are naked and touching each otherI blame ritual hazings using broomsticks in assholes for this biased opinion.Heres another one of her working out so that she ends up broad and built like a man so that her husband will finally have sex with herbut only from behind and if shes wearing a pair of tighty whites and a wig.Thanks for using twitter for giving a glimpse into your life

Webcam Star of the Day

Her name is Candice88. Shes 25, from New Zealand, claims she is a dancer, and has what may be the most swollen outter lip pussy I have ever seen. Shit is so coinslotted, that it looks like a fucking cartoon drawing of what a pussy is supposed to look like, just a slit, unlike every other pussy in the worth with all that clit and meat and other vagina shit I like but still would probably photoshop out if I had to enter it in a pussy contest.cuz everyone wants a fucking coinslotand not a fat chick who is so fat her vagina gets swallowed by fat coinslot.a real coinslotits like the unicorn of pussyit hardly existsmost pussy looks like it is throwing up or sticking its tongue out at youso today I saw thaat unicorn of pussy. I didnt see her face, her tits, her body, it was strictly a vagina masturbating show.The highlight in the chat room was:RUB THAT CLIT HELP YOU INSERT MOORE THAT TOYSo I watched her masturbate for 20 minutesWhile Others begged for her to fuck her asslike a guy named Afro…

Rosie Jones Sucking Popsicle and Showing Titties of the Day

I dont keep track of trashy UK Glamour models, cuz I find them all tacky, cheesy bitches on pace with Jersey Shore.not to mention I have this preconceived notion that all bitches from the UK look like mill working industrial revolution syphlitic toothless fat Susan Boyle looking bitch.but I guess thats just generalizing a pasty, sunless, working class peoplewithout being realistic and remembering some of the hottest pussy comes out of the trailer park, anywhere in the worldThat said, I had no idea who Rosie Jones was when someone sent in a pic of her sucking off a popsicle, but now I do and she looks right proper..especially in these pics from Loadd showing amazing titsproper.Shit almost makes me want to go jerk off to the Queen on my money, to get down with the UK but luckily, I dont have money cuz things would just get awkwardEither way, here are my new found titties Rosie JonesI anticipate a long lasting friendship with her.provided i remember who she is two days from nowc

Some Drugged out Dude Tasers Some Girl of the DAy

This just appeared on my facebook feed, its from a couple weeks ago and it is of some wrestler with a drug problem named Jeff Hardy Tasering his girlfriend while drugged out.Im sure its all an act for publicity, but theres nothing more beautiful than seeing a man tame his woman like she was livestock, or more importantly, like she was a rioter or a rapist coming to have her way with him.I think the world needs more drugged up people doing things than can wind them up dead.some ryan Dunn doin itif you know what I mean.

Princess Diana and Kate Middleton Newsweek Cover of the Day

This is hysterical. Newsweekread that as NEWSweek.took it upon themselves to do an artist rendition of an Princess Diana walking with Kate Middleton in a feature they call If She Was Still Alive Today.This is like a bad Late Night talk show prank, but apparently it is legit, and it made me laugh so Im sharing it with you.I figure at least one of you out there has Zombie fantasies and can manage jerking off to this shit if you triedthats why I love and respect you so muchyou have no limits or boundaries as to what can get you offyou are genius of masturbationa prodigy

Halle Berry Doing Acrobatic Shit of the Day

I think these pics are of Halle Berry trying to prove her blackness, you know cuz like all white people, she probably thinks shes gotta show the world how athletic she is to really get the message across that shes not just some white girl who happened to have some black sperm in her mothers uterus one night when her mom was at a concert and got too into the music and smoked too much hash or some shitso she hit the monkey bars.seems kinda racist to me.Next thing you know shes gonna star a drumline, tap dancing or a fried chicken restaurantWe get it Halle Berry, theres nothing black about you but the way the studios marketed you and shit won you an Academy award cuz it was time for an accessible black person to win, you can stop stuntin. Luckily, I can see past her insecurities as a half breed and focus on whats important, a mom in the park bending in ways she things is wholesome, but any pervert can skew to be dirty.and today, that pervert, is us.