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Kristen Stewart in the Best Snow White Picture for the Virgins of the Day

I came across this Kristen The Inbred Fucked by Her Dad Stewart Snow White pictures and figured the virgin loser, sci/fi and fantasy club weirdos, who you see having battles in the park, making you wonder where they find each other, would really appreciate it.Just not as much as I appreciate the fact that they released these pictures as if they are some kind of news knowing that virgin losers can probably jerk off to this shit.even if Kristen Stewart is nothing but a useless specwhich isnt so far from the truthgood one.To See Some Actual Hot, Wet, Kristen The Inbred Trash Stewart Snow White Pics

Miranda Kerr in Lingerie Cuz Its Her Job of the Day

As a guy who doesnt have sex with hot girls or girls who are in the clubs looking hotI am a huge fan of these padded bras that make little real tits look like they are huge implants because I get to appreciate the show and the fact that a billion dollar company probably spent millions upon millions on making this fucking happen while kids in their backyards were starving cuz the state of the economy makes their families fucking broke.See cuz I dont have to deal with the disappointment of when you get the seemingly busty slut back home, only to find out shes barely I fucking b-cup, but I can see how annoying that kind of lie would be, since I used to stuff my pants with a 10 inch dildo back when I was younger, and saw the disappointment from any girl I convinced to fuck me after dancing with them all night.Yes there was a time I wasnt a pathetic loser unable to get laidHeres Miranda Kerr showing her mom body thats been photoshopped to shit and I like it

Rosamund Pike in Gym Clothes of the DAy

I have absolutely no idea who Rosamund Pike is. I just know shes wearing tight pants that I was hoping were riding up her pussy, or jacked up her ass, but the paparazzi have let me down, and Ive let you down, assuming there is a you, since Im pretty sure Im talking to myself, at least thats what my stats implynot that I blame you, with posts like this, Id unbookmark my ass too.and all this to say that Rosamund Pike is responsible for my demise.

Mourning Hangover Dump of the Day

I just woke upWell actually I woke up earlier by a lovely bout of diarrhea which felt amazing on my hemorrhoids, in a Hey, how you doing, thanks from eating hot sauce and drinking all that beer you gluten allergic went back to be to wallow in my miseryHeres some shit going on around the internet. Little People, Midgets, Whatever You Call Them, Were Starting the Day With One VIDEO
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Elizabeth Hurleys Rockin Tits for a Breast Cancer Event of the Day

What better way to celebrate tits for Breast Cancer than to show off your tits, I mean provided this breast cancer event isnt for breast cancer survivors who have lost their breast, only to have a bitch like this walk in and show them her spectacular breasts, you know rubbing it in in a look what I have that you dont have and mine are so good they made me famous while youre tried to kill you.kind of thing.cuz old or not, Liz Hurleys got a great body and even greater titsand here she is showing them off for a causejust because she can

Barbara Palvin Turning Me On in Some Photoshoot of the Day

Barbara Palvin is an Eastern European model who was born in October 8, 1993 That means she is 17 for 1 more week, so take in these pictures of her stripped down to her panties for Elle Hungary, because in America, 17 year olds in panties, unless they work for Victorias Secret in the 90s, are illegal, where as in Eastern Europe they are prime to be mail order, or at least to be human trafficked because they know whats up

Vanessa Pudgens Tight Clothes, Bare Stomach of the Day

Im pretty into watching Vanessa Hudges slowly grow into her bull dyke body. Ive even gone so far as renaming her Vanessa Pudgens, cuz I have that power, and that genius level of creativity, you know cuz shes beefing up.and I like to point in out so that she puts a stop to the shit and sorts herself out cuz her willing to get naked, cute, chipmunk who tried to sue me for posting nude pics of her self has some serious potential in being something we want to know cuz she obviously reads the site and treats it like her life coachlike so many other people.why else would I have 4 readersmotherdfuckers..Either way, shes in tight pants, her hair is less dykey, her body less pudgy, making moves, but not spread eagled enough.but in her defense, they never are.

Botched Surgery Leaves a woman with a Uniboob of the Day

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo playerIve seen all kinds of titsWhen I was in high school, one of the lunch monitors had three titsshe had the 2 standard tits and one other weird growth that I assume had its own nipple in the middlebecause yesI went to high school in some backwoods imbred townWhen I was older, I went through all kind of hookers at all kinds of price point, with all kinds of disorders.and in all those encounters with breasts, Ive never seen shit like this.two implants, one merged clevage, and as someone who hates implants as much as the annoying women who get them.unless they are cancer patients and doing it to feel normal again.this story makes me laugh

Rihannas Tits Pushed Up on Set of the Day

This site has become the Rihanna show. I am pretty sure her team of expert manipulators who have been responsible for all the buzz bitch is getting from doing one fucking photoshoot, are the best in the industry and set all this up intentionally I mean shit, Ive done 4 posts on the shit and it hasnt even been fucking shot yet and I hate RihannaIts just the magic formula of show skin, create a fake scandal with some drunk farmer, then get topless, then put on some push up halter top that makes your average at best tits look awesome, and throw in a skirt in the wind so the world can see your spanx shot, and youve got all the media attention a money making tool from the Islands who is just happy to not be a chamber maid could want for something that hasnteven hit yet. This is why shes famous.