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Celebrity Nude Birthdays: August 30th - September 5th

Cameron DiazBorn:
08/30/1972 nudity facts:she was last seen naked only a few months ago at the age of 37. Nude pictures were shot by paparazzi (2010). her first nude pictures are from her very own sex tape (1992) when she was 19 years old. Frederique Van Der WalBorn:
08/30/1967 nudity facts: she was last seen naked 6 years ago at the age of 37. Nude pictures were shot by paparazzi (2005). her first nude pictures are from an unknown magazine (1990) when she was 22 years old. Padma LakshmiBorn:
09/01/1970 nudity facts: she was last seen naked 2 years ago at the age of 31. Nude pictures are from to us unknown magazine (2009). her first nude pictures are from an unknown magazine (2000) when she was 29 years old. Georgina GrenvilleBorn:
09/01/1975 nudity facts: she was last seen naked 11 years ago at the age of 24. Nude pictures are from to us unknown magazine (2000). her first nude pictures are from a Marie Claire magazine (1996) when she was 20 years old. Salma HayekBorn:

Kate Hudsons Post Baby Body in a Bikini of the Day

Ignore the spammy videoso dont click the spammy linkI just dont have the rights to post the pics but youtube piracycuz youtube is sketchy as hell even though it is publily tradedFor those of you who careKate Hudson had a second kid with a different father than the first dad cuz shes used up trash like thatSeriously, besides leading the Wilson Brother to suicide, shes also been up to fucking pretty much everyone, and I saw her in a recent movie, looking haggard and bloated, played out and done at 32, but Shes in a white white. Shes got HUGE milk filled tits, which is something new for her, as shes been one of the flattest bitches in Hollywoodrockin some baby weight and a vagina that probably wrecked, but not from the birth, but because it was already wrecked pre birth due to serious mistreatment..and those are some my favorite things.So To See The Rest of the Pics Since I Dont Have the Rights to Them

Maria Menounos Hot while Not Flashing Her Vagina of the Day

I still think Maria Menounos has got it going on.even though she must be pushing 40 now.maybe its the greeks love anal sex factoror maybe its because shes got a hot bodyeven when just walking the street.and sure I like her better when shes posting See Through Pics on Twitter ..or drinking in her bikini.but more importantly flashing her untouched because greeks like anal VAGINA ..but these will do for nowI blame the hangover, horniness, and lack of hot girls in my life for being so easy to please today

Top Slime Fetish Videos on Youtube of the Day

I started pulling up lists of fetish masturbation material posted on youtube , partially cuz I find it funny that people have these sick fucking fetishes that make next to no rational sense, but who can control where their boners come fromIm just fascinated that anything you can think ofsomeone has jerked off to.but Im also posting this because a little known internet fact is that youtube and google, two companies that censor and blacklist people for being Not Safe For Work or smutty, while they built their business on smut..they are just publicly traded.hypocrisy of white washing the internet or some shit..Todays fetishGirls getting slimed.Two girls get slimed while kissing.Custard Corner..See Thru Shirt Gets a Bitch Slimed.Slimey Game Show..Fishnet Slimed.Some other slut gets slimedSome vintage looking slime.Im sure these bitches are glad these videos exist

Julianne Hough Non-Nude Publicity Stunt of the Day

Here are some twitter pics of Julianne Hough that they are marketing as cellphone hacksthat are an inside job cuz thats how people get attention these days.and its fucking lame.Point is I saw this coming a mile away, anyone who fronts as Ryan Seacrests girlfriend is an attention whoreyou know cuz hes gay and theres a transaction going on that is usually involving them getting more famousHe is the guy behind the Kardashians.he gets the machine and I wish this was a sex tape leak cuz I prefer seeing people fuck.than these shitty picsBut Im posting them anywayand here she is trying to become a household name.Where are the nudes??? The closest thing to funny is the mustache she rocks for seacrest to take that mustache rideWhat a shitty whore..

Whitney Port Useless in Shorts of the Day

Here are some pictures are Whitney Port in slutty ripped shorts like some kind of teenage runaway looking for some food, or to suck some dick for her next know all skinny, unemployed, possibly dirty with what I can only imagine is a smelly twat, not that I have any evidence of thatbut then Im reminded shes a rich kid who made money doin some TV shit and working the streets isnt where shes at yet.if anything its all gonna work out famously for her as her name will be enough of a hook to get a job, and in 5 years everyone will forget are her shorts..