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Technical Issues Will Delay Todays Post

Blogger & Live Writer are not playing nice again! Unable to get Sundays Post uploaded through LW at this time. I think there is a Blogger Maintenance Schedule that runs on Sunday evenings around midnight that conflicts with the upload protocols of Live Writer. I was able to put this quick post up by using the old wyswyg editor. I will try to upload the Post tomorrow evening after work. In the meantime, please enjoy these Stress Boobies. I know I do!CyaMV

Selena Gomez Sex Offender Bikini of the Day

I hope you like my sex offender arteven though I had to take Carlos GOmez, a 280 pound mans sex offender card to make it happencuz I dont have the rights to post the pics of her tight body in a bikini in I made due..All that to say.I dont know about youbut I kinda find it hot that this Selena Gomez bitch, who is just 18, is already technically a sex offender, if someone was willing to press charges on herand if bieber and her were actually having sexbecause I think it is just a publicity stunteven though Id totally be trying to slam her at 14 too.cuz her body almost makes me feel like a criminal looking at heronly shes 18.
TO See The Bikini Pics Cuz I Dont Have the Right to Post Them

Elizabeth Hurley Hard Nipples on Set of the Day

Ive decided these hard nippled Liz Hurley pics in a luxurious looking robe on the set of Gossip all I really need to post to call it a dayseriouslyIm exhausted from looking at this amazingness..I think all my blood went to my testiclesor some shit and Im feeling kinda faintor maybe its just the dehydration, diabetes, liver failure, obesity, kidney stones, skin rash, impotency getting the bes t of meThats not to say I wont post more todaybut it is to say..why the fuck bothermom or not.late 40s or not.shes fantastic.

Mourning Hangover Dump of the Day

The site is dying faster than Amy Winehouse. Either I need to do a publicity stunt. Post actually funny shit. Kill myself. Or give the fuck up on this bitch.cuz the 3 people who read this arent helping get the word out and after 7 years of this. Im pretty burnt outIts summer, I should be summering. Instead Im dying of a hangover Epic Ski Fail
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Paz de la Heurta Crawling Around for Jeans of the Day

I have a crush on Paz de la Heurta.Ive seen her naked a lot and it is safe to say she is one of the hottest crackhead looking bitches on TVso you can imagine my happiness when I was sent this ad campaign for some jean company that should be paying me cuz all of 20 people have seen it before my powerhouse internet hand got a hold of it, despite how amazing she is crawling aroundeven though Id rather just look at her naked .and thats the end of my story

Jennifer Love Hewitt Thick Legs of the Day

Jennifer Love Hewitt makes me hungry and not in a sexual waybut in a get food in my belly to give me that moment of joy to distract me from the fact Im not that tiny frame with big tits who everyone wanted to fuck anymore, but I am a hefty woman struggling with her weight and to find heels high enough to make my legs look like, cuz I cant land a man, or really hold his interest enough for him to marry me, not even with my well trained mouth and throat muscles thanks to endless nights filled with ice cream, donuts, pizza and cake.I mean unless you count the loser fans whod get with me like I was Britney and they were K-Fed, you know for the novelty of the whole thing, and for the better life I can provide, cuz reemember Im rich! kind of way.Here are some pics of her thick legsTO SEE A PICTURE OF HER SHOWING OFF HER FAT ASS IN THIS OUTFIT

Nicolette Sheridan is Pretty Fantastic of the Day

If you have the ability to ignore her pretty old looking face, like I do, then youll appreciate a bitch in her 40s who didnt fuck around making Michael Bolton gay babies with the most luxury 80s hair, and instead kept her shit tight, put together and something Id want to fuckwhich isnt saying much, considering I stuck my dick in rotton curdled milk this morning just cuz I was curious how it felt, and now Im stuck smelling this sour smell all daynothing Im not used toAll this to say, Nicolette Sheridan looks fucking old and hot and I want to crawl up her leg and die inside her menopausal pussy, playing a sex game I call The Baby You Never Hadwhatever that meansHere are the pics.

Celebrity Nude Birthdays: July 26th - August 1st

Kate BeckinsaleBorn:
07/26/1973 (38)nudity facts:she was last seen naked 15 years ago at the age of 22. Nude pictures are from movie Haunted (1995). her first nude pictures are from a movie Uncovered (1995) when she was 21 years old. Sandra BullockBorn:
07/26/1964 (47)nudity facts:she was last seen naked 10 years ago at the age of 35. Nude pictures are from movie Fire on the Amazon (2000). her first nude pictures are from a movie 28 Days (2000) when she was 35 years old. Helen MirrenBorn:
07/26/1945 (66)nudity facts:she was last seen naked only a few months ago at the age of 64. Nude pictures are from New York magazine (2010). her first nude pictures are from a movie Age of Consent (1969) when she was 23 years old. Olivia WilliamsBorn:
07/26/1968 (43) nudity facts: she was last seen naked 8 years ago at the age of 34. Nude pictures are from movie To Kill a King (2003). her first nude pictures are from a movie The Postman (1997) when she was 29 years old. Susan GeorgeBorn:

Aymeline Valade Naked for Fashion of the Day

Her name is Aymeline ValadeIve never heard of herbut shes getting naked in a fashion magazineand luckily thats all I need to knowbefore giving her a fucking post on this site no one reads.cuz I like girls who get naked for moneyno matter what it is for from art to back alley prostitutionit is always good to me